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Started by Kaesekopf, October 18, 2021, 01:32:36 PM

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The purpose of this subforum is to be the designated space to discuss Covid-19 and anything related to Covid-19.

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Colin Powell just died from it. Cancer.
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What happens when you cross a fake president with a fake pandemic?

Co Viden

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Quote from: clau clau on October 24, 2021, 11:32:32 AM
What happens when you cross a fake president with a fake pandemic?

"Let's Go Brandon!"
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Who's Brandon?  Missed the joke.

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Quote from: Miriam_M on October 24, 2021, 06:26:59 PM
Who's Brandon?  Missed the joke.

Brandon Brown.  He won the NASCAR race in Tallahassee.  At the end of the race the crowd started to chant F___ Joe Biden.  A female commentator mistakenly or not (I think not) thought they were chanting Lets Go Brandon.  Now you see the chant Lets Go Brandon everywhere, but everyone knows they are actually chanting F___ Joe Biden.  I mean everywhere too, university football stadiums, talk shows, a rapper hit the number one spot with a song about it, even in Rome when they were protesting the vaccine mandate they chanted it as they past the US Embassy, it's all over the place.  Apparently this guy hasn't caught on yet though.  :)

Like John Vennari (RIP) said "Why not just do it?  What would it hurt?"
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