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Hello. I'm a traditional Catholic and live in Poland. I would like to know more about my faith and meet other traditional Catholics from all over the world. Dominika is my real name, I'm single, hope to become a wife and mother according to God's will. I like J.R.R Tolkien's books as well as "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy movies, documentary movies, especially about nature and history.  My favourite book is "The Mystical City of God" by Mary of Agreda. I enjoy cooking, gardening, listening to instrumental music, learning and reading.
I love our Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother, I also have a special devotion to saint Joseph and saint Anne and Joachim. Yesterday I visited a nearest health resort and was so happily surprised because I found a beautiful, old chapel of saint Anne there. I'm glad to be a member of this forum.


red solo cup:

Hello fellow Tolkiener! Ever read Children of Hurin or Silmarillion?

I read only passages of Silmarillion but I'm going to read the whole book soon.


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