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Brown scapular question

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I have been told that tying a brown scapular in order to adjust the fit is not an acceptable use, and renders it ineffective. Can someone please clarify this and provide a source?

Non Nobis:
A FSSP priest suggested how to do this to my sister-in-law once. Just pinch both cords together a couple inches from the front image and tie a single knot,  pulling both cords and the image through. Repeat in the back.  The images will dangle below the knots but not slip around the neck.

I've done this with long scapulars.

I don't know if this is official enough. No cutting, sewing, or removing the scapular is done.

I have mine tied so it doesn't come off easily. The effect is that it often slips up into the same position as a priest's collar when I am wearing collared shirts without a tie. It has been mentioned in interviews, and I'm 99% sure cost me one job (which makes me laugh, cus I wouldn't have wanted to work for anyone that recoils at it).

Never heard the bit about modifying the cords and it doesn't make sense, since the wearer is blessed rather than the sacramental.

Non Nobis:
I never heard modifying the cords would be wrong either. Just saying that wasn't involved in the method the priest showed.

I think I read that it was ok to adjust the chord as long as the square images were intact and unalterted.  I regularly make my chords longer by cutting other chord from a scapular and attaching them to the one I'm wearing to give it an extension.  Reason being, I am overly sensitive to 'something out of place', like an undergarment strap or a hair touching my nose or a tag sticking out and it agitates me until I fix it.  Ordinary length scapulars always end up near the nape of my neck either front or back or the chord slides down my shoulder to arm so to fix this I add the extension and then safety pin the chord to my undergarment and it sits perfectly then.

Sorry I don't have the link but I think I read it on a Carmelite sisters website that sold scapulars.  They sold extra length ones but they were very expensive.


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