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The Pre-1955 Holy Week: A Liturgical, Spiritual, and Cultural Treasure

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The ICKSP in Limerick seem to, so far my 1940 St Andrew's Missal, or even pocket sized 1806 Roman Missal for the use of the laity (fine except almost all the propers are translated, and that is of limited use with the long Gospels this week), but it is small and the cover is tough, tougher than the other very small missals I have.

Regarding the use of pre-1955 reforms rite, I know some groups received in 2018 permission to use it for three years ad experimentum. Groups such as FSSP and ICTK. It was given by the now extinct Ecclesia Dei comission. Coincidentally (or not), Pope Franciscus ended this comission in 2019.

Does anyone have this document? I would like to know which other groups received this permission.


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