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Anyone know of this prayer to the three archangels?


I once knew a traditional Catholic who, when leading informal group prayer, used to include a short prayer to the three archangels. I don't remember the exact wording, but it was something like "St. Michael be at our right side, St. Gabriel at our left, St. Raphael behind us" and maybe a few lines after that. Anyone familiar with this prayer, or its origins? Or whether such a prayer even exists?

After a Google search, I came across a Jewish prayer (here and here), which seems a lot like the prayer I'm thinking of, except, unlike the Jewish prayer, the one I'm thinking of did not include the stuff about Uriel or Shekinah (and I think it was mostly prayed before travel, not at bedtime).

I remember that some of my friends from school told me about a similar prayer, but she was interested in the new age. I wanted to check if it's a prayer supported by the Church and then I found that many new age followers write about similar prayers on their sites. I couldn't find it in any Catholic resources. I personally like this prayer:


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