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most relaxing games

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That was a gauntlet gently placed on the ground, Serviam style, Philomena  :P

Oh, I understood that, Per.  :)  What do you think Iíve been doing for the past three weeks?

85, Serviam! 85.  8)

I'm mildly very extremely annoyed now.

I don't play games much, and the following aren't exactly puzzle games, but definitely Animal Crossing would count. The PSX and GCN Harvest Moons are awesome.

I find most retro games that aren't button mashers or platformers to be extremely relaxing. Especially if you get an old cathode-ray television to play them on, on a rainy day.

My go-to game for relaxing is American Truck Simulator. I like driving as it is, so after a night at work it's nice to come home and have a beer while listening to some country music while hauling freight from Washington to Arizona.



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