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most relaxing games

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I'm looking for some games to play to relax distract myself

I'm thinking puzzles word games, if it's aesthetically pleasing that's even better.. I loved monument valley but played that a lot

I still have words with friends installed if you have that. PM me for my username on there.

Yonder is like an open world RPG with farming etc -- think Breath of the Wild's open world, with the graphics we all wish Maple Story had, but no combat.

I spy with my little eye.  :)  8)

Non Nobis:
There is monument valley 2.  But maybe you knew that.

I'm more impulsive about loading apps onto my kindle than I am about playing games, but I did download monument valley after reading your post and looking into it. I have only a handful of games, all rarely played, but this one sounds beautiful.

One result from google (as if you couldn't do that...):


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