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Go ask an American waitress if she wants minimum wage or tips. They all want the tips. Commies don't like tips because they have to be earned.
This is funny.  He is naturally talented at physical comedy.

I laughed a lot.

The Coffee Pot / Re: Alcoholics Anonymous
« Last post by beev_bove_biv on Today at 03:25:13 AM »
Judging by this reply, you don't really know what it's like to constantly 2nd-guess yourself or you would be aware it's hell on Earth.

Sure, I do. Anybody with intelligence that is familiar with consequences will second guess themselves on everything if they have the time.
To say second guessing yourself is hell on earth is probably one of the most idiotic things I've ever read on here. Sorry, bud, but you having to think twice about your actions is not suffering and it shows an unbelievable amount of entitlement and corruption to suggest so.
I'm pretty sure the little girls that get trafficked all around the world have it a lot worse than you do having to second guess yourself.
Grow up.

I was going to reply with a blistering smart-ass remark, but I thought about it and you're right. My problems are insignificant compared to others, and I've been in much worse situations than I currently am.
General News and Discussion / Re: Russia Invades Ukraine
« Last post by MaximGun on Today at 02:05:55 AM »
It's not only pronouns with woke leftists.

Surely the Ukrainian Nazi sewer rats were "evacuated" to a prison colony?  Not sent there

General News and Discussion / Re: Guman Shoots Up Market
« Last post by Julio on Today at 01:14:03 AM »
^^Yes, that is right and this "critical race theory" and "woke" movements that are leftist by nature is the consequence of that "institutional racism" that the Protestants implemented. How can a Filipino claim in 1950 U.S.A. that he is living in the land of the free when he is not provided with rights that belong exclusively to the WASP. Even, the American Catholics who are European decent suffered severely from that Protestant laws that were anchored to prejudice those who do not belong to their own kind. This is exactly the reason, issues regarding Floyd and other forms of violent crimes against African decent American such as the subject matter of this thread are treated with extreme reaction because there was historical truth of the extreme prejudice against them. The modern laws today cannot provide an immediate cure for the sufferings and pains that happened in the past.

My take on that fact of French policies in their former colonies is that, they were not as ardent like the Spaniards in implementing Catholicism in their occupied territories. But yes, as Catholics, like the Portuguese they engaged in intermarriage with the natives which was never true among English and Dutch former colonies that were ruled in keeping with the Protestant perspective.
Let's not forget the upstart artillery officer who eventually became Emperor of France, conquered most of Europe in terrible wars while spreading the ideals of the French Revolution, imprisoned 2 popes, and died in exile, but not before making his last confession and receiving absolution.
General News and Discussion / Re: Guman Shoots Up Market
« Last post by drummerboy on Today at 12:56:20 AM »

An interesting side-note to this: when the Free French Forces came under American command, the French were forced to separate their black African colonial troops from all combat units, many of whom had proven their loyalty and effectiveness previously.  The Free French lost some of their best infantry due to American command forcing "Jim Crow" on the French.
You will find in history that when the British Empire became the sea power, the former Dutch colonies like South Africa and the French former colonies like French India and those territories of the French in China were taken by Britain. Not the large colonies of Spain and that was because of the cooperation of the natives to their former colonial masters every time the Protestants would try to invade them. The French and Portuguese were Catholics too but they were not like Spain in championing Catholicism and implementing the ways of the Catholics in their colonial possessions.

Worshipping Jesus in the same Church because all are equal before Him, was huge impact for the natives during the colonial time that Spain fostered to their colonial subjects.

And I would add, to your 2 previous posts, the phenomenon in "New Spain" but also "New France," of the Europeans intermarrying with the natives. This just didn't happen in protestant America
The History Subforum / Re: The diet that helped Crusaders stay fit
« Last post by drummerboy on Today at 12:49:03 AM »
Wearing extremely thick padded quilted armor under chain maille(crusaders were said to look like hedgehogs since they had so many Saracen arrows stuck in their armor) in the desert can also cause "slimming" effects: imagine the sweating! A keto diet might help replace the lost calories, but the increased water intake the diet requires would be a serious liability in desert warfare. Still, quite intriguing
The Coffee Pot / Re: To what are you currently listening?
« Last post by Melkor on Today at 12:14:36 AM »

Chris Ledoux - Copenhagen

From the comments: "I live in a Copenhagen family. My son broke my heart today. He said he prefers the taste of grizzly. Damned democrats are infiltrating everywhere you look." 

I thought it was funny. Song is pretty good. I've been listening to a lot of country music lately.
General Catholic Discussion / Re: Favorite Chesterton Quotes.
« Last post by Melkor on May 18, 2022, 11:52:27 PM »
“One pint is enough, two pints is one too many, three pints isn’t half enough.”

G.K. Chesterton
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