40 Names to 40 Faces #1

Started by Lyubov, June 27, 2013, 05:02:36 PM

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Here it is! The quality turned out to be very poor. I will try to post a higher quality version soon so that the faces are more visible.

Guess the name behind each famous/historical face. The first person to guess a number correctly gets a point. I'll try to verify answers as quickly as possible, but right now I am heading to work and won't be back online until midnight EST.

After all faces are correctly named, we can tally up the points. We can have the winner make the next one, or just whoever feels like it.


??? ?? ??? ????????
?? ??? ?????? ?????.

Mono no aware

9. Gustav Mahler?
21. Lee Iacocca?

If 9 isn't Mahler, then it's got to be Aldous Huxley.
And if 21 isn't Lee Iacocca, then it might be Ed McMahon.

Mono no aware

Mono no aware

20. Mr. Rogers?
15. Amber Heard?  Too blurry to tell.

37 is Marcel Proust.
15 isn't Amber Heard.  The jawline is wrong.

Mono no aware

36. John Wilmot?

On an extremely long shot, 22 might be George Sand, but I never knew her to wear bangs.

At this point I'm useless without clues.  As ice cream would say, "this a hard one, Lyubov!"

1, 12, 15, and 18 look very familiar, but I can't place the names.  15 is rather blurry, I'm afraid.

And if 15 is Bridgit Mendler, then I will "laugh out loud" at your ability to reference a very funny previous post on this forum.

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Hat And Beard

1. Looks like Tennyson, if not then my guess is he's Scottish
7. Comte
9. Klaus Fuchs?
18. St. Vincent de Paul
36. Huygens?

Hat And Beard

Hat And Beard

30. Penelope's hometown hero, Clifford Brown

Hat And Beard

25. Hobbes
28. St. Peter Canisius

Hat And Beard


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