Housewife help

Started by angelcookie, April 23, 2013, 01:15:36 PM

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Housewifery is not quite second nature to me, I grew up differently. I found a couple things that may help others while trying to figure this stuff out:
Laundry- Invest in hangers. The endless pile o laundry that gets folded and somehow ends up on the floor and in the dirty pile again is cured with hangers. Clothes are wrinkle free, and it's so much easier to hang everything.
Dishes- Invest in paper plates. Saves u time and draws on money with running dishwasher or washing by hand.
Baby wipes are not just for bums, they are great little cloths for counters etc.
Life skills. The kids can pitch in! I sweep piles, ds vacuumes them up.
Oh, and a dust buster small hand vac gets used here a few times a day!