Online chess: where I play

Started by Jacob, March 07, 2016, 08:02:06 PM

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Free Internet Chess Server Help

QuoteWelcome and thank you for choosing to play on the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS). FICS is run by the main developers of the server. We are committed to providing support to all our users, whether they are registered or not. All our support is provided by qualified volunteers. Really tricky questions are answered by the developers of the various components of the server.

If you are completely new to FICS, the perfect starting point to become aquantied with the server, is our Quick Guide, where you can find instructions on how to register, communicate with other users, in particular how to receive help online, play a game and all other basic things you will need to know to get started on FICS. Another excellent document to consult, if you cannot find a solution in the Quick Guide, is our Frequently Asked Questions page, which contains the answer to all the most common problems.

PM me here if you would like to arrange a game sometime.  Let's play!
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that sounds awesome i usually play spaekvhess will see if I can get on this
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