Touch-Typing Speed Test

Started by Ben, February 10, 2013, 01:27:00 AM

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I think this test is a more accurate assessment. Good find. Mine was pretty easy, though. I was typing something that I basically had memorized.

Your speed was: 98wpm.

You made 4 mistakes, your mistakes are shown in bold text:

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The new test is good, but maybe you should start a new thread and call it Touch-Typing Speed Test II or something. All the scores thus far have been the result of people taking the same test.


I've just wanted to add another typing test which may be of interest for you:
Take a look.

Landless Laborer

Not that interested in typing speed, but had to log in when i noticed the intriguing username dimdim at bat.  Dimdim, i'm Landless Laborer, pleased to meet you. 

The Curt Jester

I'm out of practice, but last time I checked myself I was at 66 wpm.   I've dropped a tad.  No screen shot, but here's my result:

QuoteYour score: 308 CPM (that is 62 WPM)

Your score beats or equals 83.35% of all!

In reality, you typed 339 CPM, but you made 5 mistakes (out of 61 words), which were not counted in the corrected scores.

Your mistakes were:

    Instead of "dry", you typed "drt".
    Instead of "numeral", you typed "numberal".
    Instead of "family", you typed "famikly".
    Instead of "plane", you typed "pkane".
    Instead of "fine", you typed "find".

I advise you to take a 2 minute break now.
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Not bad for my first time trying, I used to be a 10-key data entry operator (just the number pad to the right of the keyboard) and could do 65,000 keystrokes per hour!  :)

275 CPM    55 WPM     74.64% (score equals or beats)  2 mistakes

Thanks for posting this challenge!


Anyone else have some real high numbers?