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Has anyone played?

Lol no but I know a few who have!

Very handy. Heh

If you elect your own Pope, you cannot be a sede, strictly speaking, whether Pope Michael (Michaelist?) or the austere Palmarians. I suppose the 'invalid' can refer to 'Thuc-line' and other episcopal lineages that, say, SSPV reject, so CMRI and Dolan-Cekada-Sanborn chapels aren't up to scratch, while CMRI are sede ecumenicalists. Some online people do trade in claims that lack support. I thought the Taylor Marshall thing was that he was an Opus Dei infiltrator. His designer stubble isn't in hippy territory. The Gordon bros might rank as semi-trad-conservative longhairs.


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 His designer stubble isn't in hippy territory.

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