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Ask a Traditionalist / Re: The present moment
« Last post by Chestertonian on Today at 05:45:34 PM »
thanks servus....
this therapist in particular is not a jew, he is a nominal Lutheran from Wisconsin :cheeseheadbeer:  I'm the one who grew up Jewish 

i guess i still have a hard time imagining how our lord could understand since He wanted this to happen

I have a really hard time loving Him, to be honest.  it's said that God chastises those He loves, but He hasn't let up even for a moment and it's hard to love someone who chastises you, and i have been having a hard time imagining how any of these chastisements could be done in love.  I can wrap my mind believing that there is a God, and He allows suffering.  I can wrap my mind around How there is a God, and HE is loving,   But it is still very hard for me to imagine how He can allow all of this while still being omnibenevolent. 

someone once suggested reading "abandonment to divine providence" which makes it seem like every single feeling of pain, every single privation of goodness, every wave of nausea is personally delivered by God himself as a punishment for it makes me search my past thinking what I must have done wrong.  i must have donesomthingwvery wrong.  if it's a punishment for sin there must be something to make it my fault

it just seems like everyything there is to be stressed and depressed about is all part of God's active will for me so maybe trying to do something to relieve it would be even more sinful and incur even more punishment.  it's hard to offer anything up to someone who seems continuosly angry at me no matter what i do

sometimes i worry that taking pain medication is sinful or that i'm offending God by looking for the way out

like back int he day when people had surgery or an arm amputation they just had moonshine, and something to bite down hard on, they tied you down and you just had to accept it and suffer through it, and those days people were less morally depraved, or so people say.  whereas when i have a routine trach change they give me sevoflurane
Ask a Traditionalist / Re: Stress Relievers for Catholics
« Last post by Chestertonian on Today at 05:26:54 PM »
I have been under a lot of stress and it is affecting my health.  Much of the advice out there about how to relieve stress is not suitable for Catholics, e.g. mindfulness exercises, yoga, and various new age practices.

Are there traditional Catholic resources on this topic?  Does anyone have personal experiences with techniques that were helpful?
they have mindfulness at the eating disorders unit where my wife is...

they said you dont have to go if you dont want to but she was really skeptical about any kind of "meditation" and the counselor lady who was doing it explained that mindfulness doesnt have involve meditation at all if you dont want it to.  she said that it is mostly just being aware of the present moment, focusing on what your body is doing, where you are, focusing on breathing, etc.  so a lot of things suggested here like takng a walk outside, or singing, etc would be considered mindfulness from some perspectives if you're fully present in the moment, or whatever it is

i think another aspect of it is allowing negative emotions to come and go without judging them or assigning value to them.  so trying to detach from your thoughts.  i have no freaking clue how to do that though.  if a negative thought enters my brain it stays there and never leaves

i think when you are looking at this stuff from a buddhist or secular perspective the present moment is the goal...whereas if you are catholic, the present moment is seen in relation to eternity

unfortunately "eternity" can be a scary thing depending on where God has predestined you to end up, though :-\  hard to enjoy the present moment when you know you're justgoign to face more suffering after you die whether its in hell or purgatory..
The Coffee Pot / Re: Bought anything interesting lately?
« Last post by Prayerful on Today at 04:44:28 PM »

Missal 1868

Early 19th guide for how an Church of Ireland (Anglican) minister of religion was to visit the sick.

Interesting for me too was that a bicycle mechanic told me all that was wrong with the derailleur on my Trek Marlin mtb was some mal-adjustment, which he resolved. It impresses on me that I should make sure to schedule that I can do my own bike maintenance and to trust another bicycle shop less.

The History Subforum / Re: All Hail the Holy Roman Emperor!
« Last post by Prayerful on Today at 04:32:35 PM »
A greatly missed component in ensuring the Peace of the Church. Emperor Otto I was crucial in ending the Saeculum Obscurum where Pope were personally miscreants from violent and well armed Roman families or under their control.
What is normal? To obey the urges of our fallen nature, or to fight against it for something greater?

Why should we fast or abstain from meat if it feels good to eat food? Why should we avoid getting drunk when getting drunk feels good?

im not really sure.  my wife is in the hospital right now for an eating disorder because eating food no matter how tasty it is, feels like torture to her so she lost a dangerous amount of weight.  Yet, clearly there is something wrong with this

ii think theres a difference between abstaining from food or sex because it's good, and eating a juicy ribeye and forcing ourselves to not enjoy every bite we take.  like...should we encourage our kids to feel guilty for every bite of chocolate they have on easter or every bite of food they have on christmas i dont know.  sometimes it seems like every second of our lives is supposed to be this horrible death march toward an unknown eternal destiny..... and every second of happiness we have here in this vale of tears is just going to send us further and further away from heaven

but then its hard to imagine why things like pleasure would exist at all except only to torment us.  and if that is the case it's like our bodies have temptation built in almost like the body is nothing but a booby trapped prison of temptation.  in order for the species to continue we have to eat and drink but without actually allowing it to make us feel one way or the other :-\

I forget where i read that sex was a foretaste of heaven, but I think that was a JPIIism so...i guess the traditional approach would be that it is the opposite                                                                                                                                                                                                           
General Catholic Discussion / Re: chastisements have started
« Last post by Irishcyclist on Today at 04:12:34 PM »
She didn't say anymore because I got scared.

I was worried there was a secret chastisement taken place


So this person who you claim is a holy person, said to you that "the chastisements have started" and you were so scared that you couldn't say anything.

Ask a Traditionalist / Re: Stress Relievers for Catholics
« Last post by Greg on Today at 03:17:05 PM »
I sing
The Coffee Pot / Re: Good afternoon!
« Last post by Carleendiane on Today at 03:00:11 PM »
Good afternoon, Kepha! Are you off for the day? Your job treating you OK? How about your workmates? I do hope your environment is not too difficult to deal with. You are at a bank, correct? Are you at the window, loan officer? What do you do day in day out?

Still waiting for the next ewe to release her bundle of joy. Will probably be twins, by the size of her! Oh, what joy when they finally give birth. To see how very tiny the lambs are, and see them all joyful hopping around, banging mom for their milk. Greedy little things they are!

I've been a terrible catholic my whole life and have sinned, thinking, oh I'll be forgiven.

I've learned what a terrible sin that is and it's mocking God.

Can it ever be forgiven?

Oh, Pioflower, rest assured all of us have sinned. Possibly in more grave ways than you. All of us, as far as I know have begun our conversion. You have begun yours by acknowledging yourself as a sinner in need of God's mercy. You will be in the conversion mode for the rest of your Catholic life.

The sins you mention, those of presumption, as Servus pointed out, are actually very common. Putting off formal confession, putting off correcting wrongs, putting off proper worship due to God. Putting it all off for another day, hour and even minute, is presumption. We presume we have time, but we don't know that!

 Every breath we take. Every inspiration to do good. Every decent thought or act is from God. Left up to our own devices we would strive to fulfill our every desire. Fall to every temptation. By God's patience and good graces, we will correct and convert. But first we must acknowledge Him and His authority over us. As you have done. Not presume He will allow us to fix our wretched lives in our own time, in our own way. We can not KNOW, then continue on as if we dont. Your conscience is very alive and well directing you and showing you the ways you have dishonored our Lord. Give Him thanks for that, yes, but even more important, do something about it. Which you are! Thanks, God.

 While you try hard to amend your life, just know you will be assaulted at every turn. That is your proof you are making progress the evil one hates. It's painful, but satisfying. Your creature comforts will not rule, your not so good inclinations, the grip they may have will become weaker as you go forward. Temptations may increase, but your repugnance and distaste for sin will increase according to your effort.

We presume upon God's mercy. His love. His charity towards us, as we wallow in the muck and refuse to give Him His due. That is part of our fallen nature. But we can rise above this, and like you, correct it. Thanks for your post!
I just completed my annual Novena to Our Lady for our members. Y'all should be saints!
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