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any flat earthers arround here

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The subject is a joke. But to my (not so big surprise) some key cathinfo contributors are:  ;D

There are actually, and do not get them started. They make us all look like idiots.

Earth is round, we know this from the curvature of the earth equations and satellites. The real question is if man ever made it to the moon. I believe we never have.

Why would the Soviets not have revealed that fraud to embarrass their rival superpower in 1969?

Going to the Moon was a huge geopolitical win for the USA.

Revealing it to be a huge fraud would have been far more embarassing than the USA losing in Vietnam.

The Soviet scientists who had their own Moon probes and would have studied the Apollo missions, would have be tracking those spacecraft and listening to the broadcast signals.

I think the evidence for a round-earth are pretty overwhelming. Even ancient greeks could prove it

Whether heliocentrism or geocentrism is true is a bit more interesting. I donít have any strong feelings about the issue, but as far as I understand the issue there are just some slight evidence that favors heliocentrism over geocentrism


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