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Started by TerrorDæmonum, January 04, 2022, 08:18:01 AM

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Expecting the Sacred Sciences sub-forum to be used according to its stated purpose of "semi-scholarly discussion", is not treating it like a personal blog.  It is not a place for people to express unsubstantiated opinions (especially those that contradict Church teaching).  There are plenty of other opportunities for that on this forum. 

Pæniteo, who is trying to use it as intended, has one thread after another derailed by people who appear incapable of semi-scholarly discussion, abstract thought, and sometimes even coherent sentences.  He is quite right to identify this as a problem that needs to be addressed.

He is actually helping the forum by starting threads there.  It both creates content and models what "semi-scholarly" looks like.  He ought to be supported in his efforts, not falsely accused of treating it as a personal blog.
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Quote from: Miriam_M on January 08, 2022, 01:13:51 AM

Quote from: Philip G. on January 04, 2022, 01:00:02 PM
This is not a personal blog.

The fact you have this as your only post within the past 3 days indicates you are not using the forum as a highly active user.

That is fine.

But don't think that every user of forums has to use it as you do.

That does not make it a personal blog for active users.

It means I am trying to stimulate discussion, and seeking edifying replies.

And frankly, if you want to throw your lot in with a blasphemer, you are free to do so. I'm sure he could use the allies.


Also, looking at your past few posts, you do realize that people posting "this" are the subject of some level of amusement for not contributing to a forum.

That is what the Thanks is for actually, to cut down on the "this" and "me too" posts.

If you are unfamiliar with the context, you may want to investigate the background before picking who to support. You just supported the one who uses the forum to post repeatedly his own blasphemous views and denigration of theology and philosophy. He is using the forum to publish his own views, in defiance of the Church.

If anybody is using the forum as a personal blog, wouldn't it be the one who posts his own rants wherever he wants? Just read them.




Off topic commentary should be taken elsewhere on the board. Maybe a board level moderator can be appointed to keep things focused?

Or the permissions scheme I think I previously suggested could be implemented.


There at least needs to be a strict policy against quibbling: people who subvert theology by playing around with words and disputing definitions and making up their own distinctions just confuse others. This kind of unholy activity can be done in any context: just pick apart words and disassemble a topic until it cannot be discussed coherently.

Theological words that are used consistently and explicitly defined should be immune from quibbling and the only thing we should have to do is ensure we are using them consistently across sources.

Theology and philosophy are difficult enough without these people introducing novelties and errors.

They do this one threads that have the key terms explicitly defined at the start of the post, so there is no excuse for this.


People who troll and harass on this board or make a mockery of the subject should be banned from the forum entirely.

What kind of benefit is there to having such imps around? The Internet has better places for them.

The forum activity will be what is promoted and encouraged. Low effort trolling and nonsense require removal if anything better is desired.


Quote from: Pæniteo on January 04, 2022, 11:32:20 PM
Let respect for orthodox theological vocabulary and citations be the Shibboleth for write access:

Those dispute or provider answers to theological questions using their own ideas, impious citations, and other novelties be read only, either through altered permissions or through moderator enforcement.

A board specific moderator would be a good idea too if one could be found.

This suggestion is reiterated again: citing dictionaries to refute theology is hardly suitable for the board.


It should be reformed and be made fit for purpose. If this means locking it and reorganizing it, that is fine.

If the board cannot be used as intended, that would be an indictment on this forum: on-topic careful discussion of theology and philosophy with only good orthodox citations and exercise of reason should not be something that is beyond the capability of good Catholics.

The undisciplined need discipline by definition as well.