Should I attend diocesan Latin Masses?

Started by Hernandez1985, May 14, 2024, 03:45:05 PM

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To clarify my situation my husband exclusively goes to the sspx and has served there in the past for years. I can't travel often because of a medical reason so to fulfill my Sunday obligation I go to the local Latin Mass. I know these stories of sacrilege because my friend works in the office at the parish and knows of stories in our diocese of sacrilege from the office ladies. I just got an email from a professor who I asked this question I posted here at the beginning. He said what I am describing are hidden desecrations that happen which the priest is responsible for and I am not culpable for those desecrations even if I know they are happening everyday. If I don't feel comfortable walking up to receive communion there he said only receive communion at the sspx chapel. I really appreciated his respectful and kind response to my question.


You have received numerous opinions. At this point, discuss the matter with your husband, priest(s), and whomever you deem spiritually fit. This thread has served its purpose.
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