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Now they are pretty dim and useless. In 1500 years who knows?  By that stage I would think humans will be genetically engineered, so there won't be a natural progression anyway.
General News and Discussion / Re: What now, Brexit?
« Last post by Greg on Today at 02:54:54 PM »
Means one passport is more valuable and has different rights to another
The Coffee Pot / Re: World Cup 2018
« Last post by Sempronius on Today at 02:53:04 PM »
How strange to have the next world cup in Qatar. The fans that are there will be so uncomfortable. Maybe a symptom that football is fading out..
The Coffee Pot / Re: World Cup 2018
« Last post by SamVanHouten on Today at 02:28:31 PM »
vive la france and all those good things
General Catholic Discussion / Re: New SSPX superior general!!
« Last post by Michael Wilson on Today at 02:24:43 PM »
Bishop Williamson holds that the most important issue is the safeguarding of the faith....Bishop Fellay, meanwhile does believe that a "deal" can be worked

I think its at least debatable whether these events are mutually exclusive. Archbishop Lefebvre felt they weren't; at least insofar as he kept going back to Rome.
That is where the great dividing line is post Msgr. Lefebvre's disappearance. The question is entirely moot on "What would Msgr. Do?" He's gone to his reward.
why does the pope speak of loneliness in priests? I would think priests would be the least lonely of all people. they not only have lots of people who like them, look up to them, etc.. but they can be in the Real Presence of Christ virtually any time they want. Sorry, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for them. I hardly ever get to spend time in the Real Presence.. and I have no spouse or family and no close friends (which, yeh, i know, that is my own doing... I don't try too hard to have close friends but anyhow.........)

Priests face many difficulties.  They are commonly over-worked and misunderstood.  The face unreasonable expectations from many and are under enormous pressure. While many (but far from all) Catholics may look up to them, the secular media portrays them very negatively.  As well as all these things, they face a stricter judgment from God due to their position as leaders and teachers. 

Priests need and deserve all the prayers we are able to give for them. Dedicating one day a week to focus on this is little enough.

LST5, I've noticed a pattern in your comments here and on another forum, in that you are a little disdainful of priests. Is it due to bad novus ordo experiences?  You cast a very wide net in your criticisms.  Perhaps we can assist you.

"...but they can be in the Real Presence of Christ virtually any time they want" 
That's a beautiful thought, isn't it?

We can too. Just look for the red light.
The Coffee Pot / Re: Melania's Dress !!!
« Last post by james03 on Today at 02:07:05 PM »
I wonder if there is a knock off line of her elegant couture.

Please refrain from using a potty mouth.  We have a former Canadian Naval dude here and they have delicate ears.

I don't know what a couture is, but I'm agin' it.  (Hat tip to Grumpy).
Pell is also on trial in Australia.

For the unmentionable but all too common perversion.
I've already shown a couple in this thread. Just look at the image above your post.
The Holy Shroud: A Modern-Day Tool of Apologetics (Fr. Daniel Couture)

That alone is worth the price of admission!

Maybe I'll dye my hair and try to sneak in...   ::)
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