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Letter 15 of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort
« on: June 23, 2021, 06:05:02 PM »
Context: Letter to Marie-Louise Trichet, 1703, when she would be 19, and still in the first year of her religious life. Her mother was opposed to her vocation who apparently said "You will become as mad as that priest". The saint had had a reputation that was very contradictory (which he references in this letter) from some, yet, he was not discouraged. The saint is known for his writings, but in life, he was constantly preaching and traveling and doing good works of all kinds. The fact he managed to write anything besides brief letters is astounding.

My dear daughter in our Lord Jesus Christ,

May the perfect love of God reign in our hearts with divine Wisdom.

I know from what I am experiencing more than from your letter that you are continuing to pray to Jesus, your spouse, for this wretched sinner. I can only show my thanks by praying for you in return, especially when I hold the Holy of Holies in my unworthy hands each day at the altar. Keep on praying, even increase your prayers for me; ask for extreme poverty, the weightiest cross, abjection and humiliations. I accept them all if only you will beg God to remain with me and not leave me for a moment because I am so weak. What wealth, what glory, what happiness would be mine if from all this I obtained divine Wisdom, which I long for day and night!

I will never cease asking for this boundless treasure and I firmly believe that I shall obtain it even were angels, men and demons to deny it to me. I believe strongly in the efficacy of your prayers, in the loving kindness of our God, in the protection of the Blessed Virgin, our good Mother; I believe too that the needs of the poor are too urgent and the promises of God too explicit for me to be making a mistake in seeking Wisdom. For even if the possession of divine Wisdom were impossible, according to the ordinary workings of divine grace, which is not the case, it would become possible because of the insistence with which we ask for it. Is it not an unchangeable truth that everything is possible to him who believes?

Another thing that makes me say that I shall possess Wisdom is the fact that I have encountered and still encounter so much persecution night and day.

So, my dear daughter, I ask you to enlist some good souls among your friends into a campaign of prayer especially from now until Pentecost, and to pray together for an hour on Mondays from one to two o'clock. I will be praying at the same time. Write and send me their names.

I am at the General Hospital where there are five thousand poor people. I have to make them live for God and I have to die to myself. Do not think that I have become indifferent or grown cold towards the poor of Poitiers, for my Master led me there in spite of myself. He has his plan in all this and I adore his plan, though I do not understand it. Do not think either that material plans or any particular person keep me here; no, my only friend here is God. Those friends I once had in Paris have deserted me.

I have not counted on the goods that were to come to me from Madame de Saint André, nor shall I count on them. I do not even know whether she is in Paris, nor where she lives. I am as happy to die to myself here as I am happy to die in the minds of some people in Poitiers, as long as I find God alone there. I repeat, God alone.

I firmly believe that you will be a religious. Trust and pray.
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Re: Letter 15 of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort
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Wow! Five thousand poor people in the hospital to take care of. 
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