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Theistic Evolution: The parents of Adam & Eve

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Pon de Replay:
Some traditional Catholics accept the theory of evolution.  But if evolution is true, then the Biblical account of the dawn of mankind appears far removed from reality.  Instead of being created by God, an Adam & Eve arrived at by evolution would've had parents.  The Bible does not mention these parents, but you would think that would be an important part of their story.  If Adam & Eve were given immortal souls, and their parents did not have immortal souls, then Adam & Eve stood in relation to their parents as humans do to other primates.  Their parents were essentially animals.  And animals, in Catholic theology, are divinely intended as subservient to humans. 

St. Thomas Aquinas said, "dumb animals are devoid of the life of reason," so Adam's father would've lacked both a soul and the ability to reason.  Imagine how strange this would've been for Adam growing up.  This would've been a strange family.  But there is nothing in Genesis to indicate this.  If evolution were true, it seems like the Bible would have passages that went something like: "and Adam was much saddened, seeing himself to be unlike his father and his mother.  And the Lord said unto Adam, 'you are emancipated from your father and your mother; their kind is not your kind; go ye therefore into the land of Eden, where another awaits for you.  Her name is Eve."  But there's nothing like this at all.  If evolution is true, why does the Bible give no explicit indication?  Why does the Word of God appear so contradictory to this theory?  Why did even Catholic bishops and theologians embrace creationism?

These are questions for theistic evolutionists.  This thread assumes, for the sake of argument, that evolution is true.  And if it is, then why did God, who is omnipotent and can see the future, inspire a creation account that causes so much confusion and division in the Body of Christ?

Solid questions...  :popcorn:


It's true. Think about the contradiction - beasts are below men, but we have a commandment to respect our parents. So if Adam and Eve were born from some soul-less humanoids they are left with two choices each of which would be to disobey God (respect parents despite being beasts or disrespect parents). To suggest that God allowed such a moral conundrum is blasphemy but probably more so just stupidity and blind arrogance.

But these philosophical and theological questions are below the grand heights of science. Traditional Catholics are anti-science; backward buffoons. We are not ready for science.

what do we do with all the fossils and humanoid skeletons and sciencythingies that smart sciency people talk about?

red solo cup:
We can also just admit there will be things we don't understand. There's nothing wrong with that.


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