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Hey guys, I wanted to introduce you all to an awesome website:

It's basically Risk online, except they can't call it risk because they don't own the trademark... it's actually better than risk, because there are a million maps besides the classic one, and some maps have special features that make for a totally unique gaming experience.  There's even maps of mythical places, like Tamriel.

Anyways, I used to play on here all the time and for some reason I stopped and my rank dropped considerably because I lost every game I was in.

It's free, though if you play for free you limit yourself.  You can only play four games at a time, with 24 hours turns.  It's still really fun, though obviously slower paced and you'll only take a turn or two each day.  I'm about to pony up and give them 25 USD for a membership where you get unlimited play and can play "speed games" where the turn limit can be custom set anywhere between a minute to five minutes per turn.

Anyways, if anyone else plays this I'd love to know so we could play some games.  Hopefully some of you will start to play if you didn't know about it before.  Lots of fun. 

The name alone sounds like it would be well worth playing.  Once I get past my oral exams in a few weeks, I'll probably check it out.

I'm always looking for other ways to waste use my time fruitfully online!   ;D


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