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I got a dog

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This is a big deal.  I had a bad experience with the poorly trained family dog of my childhood and have spent the last 50 years thinking that I would never get one.  However, I ended up deciding that it would help my two young adult children who are still at home.  The emotional stress of lockdowns, etc. was clearly getting to them and I wanted to do something more to help them cope.

We knew we wanted an adult dog and found just what we were looking for.  She is a 7 year old German Shepherd mix that needed to be re-homed.  The weird thing is that I am bonding with her even though I have spent my life so resolved against having a dog.

Good for you! Dogs are amazing creatures, they live to please us it seems. Looks like you’ve been missing out for most of your life.

I love having dogs, but don't have the personality necessary to train them. So that's my aunt's job. We're probably not going to have another after Charlotte, our hound mix, dies. My aunt has always had a dog or two, and she says she's getting too old to take care of one, and wants the freedom of not having a pet. I don't think that will last long, but we'll see.

Kitty spam!

red solo cup:

In return for living longer you should give it a name that's great and noble.  Something Germanic. Heindrich comes to mind. :)


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