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Looking for a statue of Our Lady,

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I'm looking for a statue of Our Lady 12" to 16" max for my little house altar. 
I love any that have Madonna and Child and in particular Our Lady of Victories. No plastic bases or plastic bodies, must be a proper (is it chalk statue?)

I have a budget but will pay for a good quality statue and postage. 

I'm sorry, I can't recommend anything as all that I know of is in the US and shipping cost would be crazy!

In normal times this would be easy. Say for example, there is (or was) a small shop near the problematically refurbished Longford Cathedral (it was burnt and much was restored, but a lot of bad liturgical furniture appeared) with a few statutes in different sizes. I'll send on anything I spot.

Funny enough I ended up on Etsy, Statues are so expensive so I got these


Aren't they beautiful...I ordered them in the midi size.

Thanks all .

Have you looked in any local second hand stores?

I found some AMAZING pictures Jesus and His Sacred Heart and Mary and her Immaculate Heart in one of my local "junk" stoires. There was an entire stack of them at the time, I got some nice frames on Ebay and they now adorn my home alter.

Also, I have seen some Catholic stuff getting dumped on the For Sale section on Craigslist. Older folks pass on and their children are just looking to dump stuff.

When, at all, possible I like to save good old Catholic stuff.


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