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how are ye all handling family that are vaxxed?

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Christe Eleison:

--- Quote from: LausTibiChriste on September 29, 2021, 04:43:18 AM ---
--- Quote from: MaximGun on September 29, 2021, 04:27:21 AM ---I would make an educated guess from the videos I have watched about Russia that Moscow is the most liberal because the people there are richer and more exposed to western European errors and temptations.  St. Petersburg would be a little more conservative than Moscow I think.

Smaller towns and cities like Omsk, Vladimir, Smolensk, Ufa would be the most conservative of all.

I know a Scottish oil/energy/mining analyst I have worked with in the past who was a complete drunkard and he has lived in Russia for 30 years.  I meet him sometimes in Dorchester or London at conferences and such and speak regularly via the internet.  He married a conservative Russian woman, moved to Ufa, and converted to Orthodoxy Christianity.  Totally changed character.  Before I had nothing in common with him.  Now I have plenty in common.

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In my limited experience, I would say St Petersburg is more conservative as well. Moscow has all the trappings of a big city. With that said, it's still Russia so you're never gonna see poofs making out in the streets, or nonsense like that, that's for sure.

I've been to Yekaterinburg too, lovely town and definitely felt more conservative than Moscow, but it was hard to tell as I was only there 3 days for a conference.

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Thank you, LAUS for this post! :thumbsup:

What I love about Russia, is not having to view all kinds of weird nonsense/poofs/immorality all in your face 24/7.
I think President Putin does not want any of that garbage in the schools, or advertised all over the place. He wants the children protected, kudos to him! :thumbsup: God Bless him!  :pray1:
Yekaterinburg seems really lovely, it had some of the games during the 2018 World Cup, and I think a lot of people were exposed to the place due to that. And supposedly that is where the Royal family, the Romanovs, were executed  :-[

You really have to watch this short video, it is for people wanting to practice & or learn Russian. With subtitles.

At the end there is an adorable little girl that says that she loves her city,
because of the monuments, fountains, they pay well, and of course she spent the day at the Turandot Opera rehearsal. When asked if she was going to attend the Opera,
she said with a lot of certainty, DA.  ;D

This is a super cute small child that enjoys the Opera!!Very cool!  :thumbsup:

Living in Yekaterinburg | Easy Russian 36

One thing that I noticed is that they speak faster compared to people in Moscow
or St Petersburg.

Assuming those videos were not selected, from a much larger pool, those were some pretty articulate people interviewed compared to the UK or America.

To get that many videos of articulate people expressing their thoughts in the USA you would have to film all day and reject 80 to 90%.


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