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Bought anything interesting lately?

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Today at the SSPX chapel I attended, i picked up two new offerings from Angelus Press.  The first is their 2013 calendar, which has the theme "The Papacy."  The second is their new book "Young Man of Character," by Bishop Toth.  I hope the age range is applicable to me...  it wasn't very clear.  But, for $9, I figured it was worth picking up!  It looks really good....

Hat And Beard:
I've bought everything in this picture(and some more related stuff) since the beginning of November. If only I could afford it.  :-\

A very nice Walther PPK style pistol (a clone). But it is a fine gun.

I bought a cooling pad for my laptop.  Also bought a four pack of Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale.  Expensive.  Lie ten bucks for a four pack.  Worth it. 

Some comicstuffs by Lorenzo Mattotti, occasioned by new interest in his work after seeing his latest New Yorker cover:


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