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To All My Critics

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For all the people who make a point of publicly criticizing me wherever you want on the forum, I looked back at your histories to see what kind of things you tolerate.

For those who actually post and get responses, invariably, it takes almost nothing for you to protest responses.

But not only do you see it fit to post personal insults and criticism just because you don't like how often I post or how long my posts are, or just that my posts "rub you" the wrong way whatever that means, when non-Catholics are posting insults, blasphemies, accusations, and attacking the Church itself, if they say something about me, you'll join in.

You'll say I "post too much", even if you admit that there is nothing wrong contextually with the posts, yet, you'll not only tolerate those other things, you'll support it.

You are hypocrites and should be ashamed of yourself.

If you feel you get "negative" responses or "insults" when people respond on topic and don't go after you on your threads, yet, you see it fit to heap personal insults and accusations on me regardless of the topic, I'm glad I am not like you.

I am going by what people actively post, not failure to do anything: not everybody reads everything: this is for those who are actively engaged in this. When I took a week off, all these complainers didn't actively use the forum: they went back into their holes, and some of them only came out when I started posting and they saw opportunities to attack me.

If that is your use of the forum, that is sick. I thought, at the very least, seeing non-Catholics attacking the faith and Catholics would cause you to put aside your spite for a moment and actually do something good.

For the record, for all critics, this is a thread about me before I joined the forum. It has many diverse people in it, including some critics of mine from back then.

You'll see: I'm still the same person, I am far less prolific, others criticized me sometimes then too, and I was far more inclined to push for more perfection than merely protesting blatant blasphemies, heresies, and trolling:

Here are some excerpts:

Kaesekopft and another: (you can see an old post count reference there...and that was only one account!)

vakarian has a familiar opinion: (actually, such accusations were extremely rare back then)

Ben sees the benefit of my posting: (it generates activity)

Erin, who the state of the forum has caused me to miss:

Hints of my old criticism:

An old view on dealing with imperfection on forums:

And this:

--- Quote from: Me ---My criticism of this forum (whatever ones were seen), are probably still valid. Continuous improvement in anything is only possible through continuous change and refinement.
--- End quote ---

I see continuous degradation works the same way.

Man, if I had known the future, I would have appreciated it more back then:


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