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--- Quote from: Jayne on June 04, 2021, 09:41:16 AM ---
--- Quote from: diaduit on June 04, 2021, 09:29:14 AM ---The thing is Insanis, you are annoying. 

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Speak for yourself. 

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Technically, he is.

It is like people don't realize that a gadfly might help reveal certain things in a situation or even in oneself. People were complacent and going with the very slow flow, and then I start posting and it shakes things up. What did it reveal? Some blasphemies that were shocking to a Catholic were apparently being tolerated to some degree here (I know many did oppose it, but I am not sure if they fully appreciated how shocking it was to someone not previously exposed). Some forum activities were unduly vulgar and people seemed to think this was alright.

And the sheer lack of volume of posts was not my fault. It was everybody who was here who did (or didn't?) that. I compared forum threads to the threads in the beginning of this forum. It is very different. It is not unusual for fewer than five people to be the bulk of a thread that goes on for pages. Back when I first joined (and you first joined), it was not unusual for there to be multiple moderators, and a greater diversity of activity on any given discussion.

(This is why I compare the forum to a tribe living among ruins, it kind of feels that way.)

--- Quote ---This is your personal feeling, not an objective statement.  Other people are not annoyed.  Some of us appreciate his presence on the forum.
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Thanks. From the beginning of forum activity, I am well aware that personal reactions to me may vary.

One time, on a technical forum with a lot of social activity, I made over 1000 posts in a day. People commented on this fact. Actually, people generally liked me there, because it was a technical forum and my posts were technically useful, so that got a lot of praise that I could help so many people and have time to have fun.

--- Quote ---No matter what proportion of the total posts he makes, the ignore function still works.  If you don't like him, take responsibility for avoiding reading his posts. It is your problem.

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The fact other people don't post is not my fault. The fact that the few posts some make are to protest me or that they silently support people criticizing me is very weird (to say the least).

I look my profile occasionally (well, I guess relatively often) to make sure my public forum activity is something I want to have. I don't want it to be constant bickering over Covid vaccinations or a fixation on some secular or political topic. I am happy with my profile. I write my posts with the idea that people may read them all in a row.

I look at other people's profiles and some of them are wastelands of negativity, and some have such sparse activity, that that activity is dominated by extremely disturbing tendencies. Who has a 100% daily activity just to oppose a single user? At least one that I saw.

(I was looking in the context of myself, so I don't know about others.)

And it is not like I know how people see me. That thread is intriguing because I have very little memory of the actual events.

And Ben had that to say.

And here is apparently my response to all this.

Some things never change. I am kind of happy that I view myself in the past without regret, even though I have poor memory of it. Back then, certain people on this forum were not Catholic, but they are now. Some people were devoted to Our Lady of Fatima, and now they are against it. Some people were enthusiastic about the Church, and now they left it. Some were joining it, and are still faithful. I really don't trust people who don't' display constancy. They are enthusiastic one moment, and cold the next. They are into the truth one day, and then professing heresy the next. They rely on feelings too much.

All in all, I think that should illustrate something.


--- Quote from: orate on June 04, 2021, 09:56:49 AM ---I am one of those who stopped posting due to the lack of decorum here,  but was too cowardly, or just plain didnít have the energy to call others out on it.

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Thanks for the compliment (that I trimmed out of the quote and am now too far into this post to want to overhaul it).

It can be tiring to constantly battle against such things. For people who maintained an account all this time, I respect those who stayed true.

--- Quote ---I believe Insanis is an asset to the forum.  If other donít agree with my assessment, just ignore him and move on.
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Well, if nothing else, I provide some activity so people looking at the forum don't think it is abandoned. A forum need "foot traffic" to draw in new users.

I noticed that a lot of accounts are new, but never post. Some post an intro, and then never post again.

I'm not the newest account, but I have the most recent intro. Since accounts need approval, it is more difficult for spammers to get through, so I wonder why these people join but don't post?

For a forum, this one leaves very little grounds for people to join in on. It is mostly dominated by people willing to "self start' discussions. Every forum needs that, but usually the commenters are more numerous, and then there is the lurker cohort. It seems the will to engage has been sapped.


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--- Quote from: diaduit on June 04, 2021, 09:29:14 AM ---The thing is Insanis, you are annoying. 

In real life, I would just not be in your company but here it is more difficult to avoid you because you absorb so much space.

I'll take the flak from others for this post but you need your wings clipped.

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The following users thanked this post: clau clau

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I am quoting this (and simulating the view of the post with the Thanks) to illustrate a point.

My post was about this issue. It explicitly addresses the people who skip over the thread to comment on my person in the beginning, and it goes into the naysayers on the sidelines who mainly cheer lead critics.

It is like my thread on forum decorum. After my posts, the first response was:

--- Quote from: Gerard on May 31, 2021, 10:00:58 AM ---This guy is such a sanctimonious hypocrite.

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It is like people lack self-awareness.

A lot of the responses I get when I comment on the forum itself, I could just label "Exhibit A" (or B, etc).

If someone made a thread about people who wrote long posts, I wouldn't write a long post in response, just to avoid being perceived as completely unaware.

Whether you like me or not, please have some self-awareness. You look like parodies and it is hard to take that seriously. And if it continues, I'll feel like a puppet master, pulling strings of people who cannot help themselves. If I write "don't respond with personal attacks" and I get personal attacks, then I find it funny (and sad, if I view it as Catholic conduct of individuals rather than anonymous Internet nonsense).

clau clau:
You are ignoring this user. Show me the post.


--- Quote from: clau clau on June 04, 2021, 10:25:26 AM ---You are ignoring this user. Show me the post.

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That is an odd thing to reference.

I kind of miss Philip Gerard...they had chutzpah instead of this weird whiny protest against people they don't like.

For what it is worth, when I wrote I was going through and taking note in my post, I actually did make a list. The list of people who seem to not like me is quite short. But  they really overestimate their view. It is like they think being a whiny protester who doesn't like someone matters.

If these people think I am going to care about their personal dislike, maybe they need to take into account I would equally appreciate people who do like me personally.

The numbers speak for themselves for what it is worth. I don't pay it that much attention, however, I'd rather deal with people with opposing views and even heresies than people who go on and on about their personal dislike. In the olden days, one could really butt heads with people on issues of disagreement instead of this weird fixation on personal feelings.

It is so petty. I try not to let such things influence me at all. It is embarrassing to be dominated by such a petty motivation.

I want to have some principle behind my acts, not a transient feeling.


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