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If Suscipe Domine were a bar...

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If Suscipe Domine were a bar...

Michael Wilson is quietly tending the bar, but watch your step, he has a gun under the counter.

Jayne is beating everybody at trivia.

Heinrich and Dellery are brawling in the parking lot.

James is teaching the younger guys how to play pool.

Greg is teaching them how to cheat at poker.

Diaduit is riding the mechanical bull.

Munda, Bernadette, and many of the ladies are dancing in a group ignoring the men. The men are fine with that. They don't want to dance anyway.

Daniel is sitting in a corner looking nervous. He thinks he parked too close to the fire hydrant and he's going to get a ticket. (He didn't.)

The owner and manager, Kaesekopf, is nowhere to be seen. It's rumored he's hiding out from the mob.

Feel free to add to the story.

Flour de Lys is watching everyone.
Melkor is stealing light bulbs and dropping spiders in peoples drinks.
GiftOfGod is eating mild wings with a glass of milk.
TradGranny is smoking a fat bowled briar pipe.

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Miriam is killing it on karaoke.

Vetus is conspicuously drinking a Coke.

The authorities would shut it down due to the repeated fights among patrons and no on-site management.

Gift of God insults a lady and gets punched out.


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