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Russia Ukraine. Drums of War?

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Seems there are troop build ups by the Russians and Ukrainians.  Which is noteworthy, given what Malachi Martin said about the 3rd Secret mentioning both countries.


It's a bit tense, alright.  We are definitely living in the "or else" part of the not consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart. IMO.

I will not believe anything is going to happen until it happens for real.

For those who haven't been around very long, unless you all've been lurking, Russia and Ukraine have been common topics in the past.  There was a lot of talk about how "this is it" when Russia was making its play in Crimea and the West was getting involved, but then nothing ever happened.  That was many years ago.

Now the two may be making noises again, but they've been fighting a low intensity war for ages.

That is why I included a question mark.

If you wait until it happens all the toilet paper is gone.


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