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New edition of the Monastic Diurnal released


I hope this is not a dupe- I searched and did not find any previous threads.....

St. Michael's Abbey released a new edition of their popular Monastic Diurnal (Day Hours of the Benedictine Office)
It is half as thick as the previous edition.
Very sleek and well made. Comes with a nice slip case.

Last pic is a comparison to previous edition.


Have the bulkier one. I wonder how the space is saved.


--- Quote from: Prayerful on February 24, 2021, 11:06:56 AM ---Have the bulkier one. I wonder how the space is saved.

--- End quote ---

Could compare the type spacing and such with the one you have for thursday/Friday Lauds, as in the 5th pic.

My guess would be it's in the way they've set up spacing.


I am thankful for this new edition, as I can't stand bulky books. It's one of my major gripes with the Baronius Press missal and why I use the Angelus version, as well as one of the reasons I always hated using the Liber Usualis when I was still singing in choir.

I'm pretty sure the thickness was spared just by using thinner paper.

I have not compared the text/typesetting from the old to new edition but I assuming it's the same.


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