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Catholic communicator Daniel A. Lord, S.J.


I've never seen on one of these forums the name of Fr. Daniel Lord, S.J. mentioned, yet he was one of the most popularly read authors of Catholic materials in the US and Canada during the 1940's and 50's, on a par with Fulton Sheen and John A. O'Brien.

Daniel Lord was one of the most influential American Catholic religious figures.  He wrote 30 books and 230 pamphlets.  His pamphlets sold over 25 million copies.  One of the most prolific Catholic writers, his weekly column "Along the Way" was syndicated in Catholic newspapers across the country.  He made hundreds of radio broadcasts.  Lord creatively used all the media of his time to spread his message of faith and how to live a good and happy life.

Here is one of Lord's talks, the provocatively titled, "Don't Marry a Catholic!"

The Internet Archive also has some of his material:

For anyone interested in the kinds of material our parents and grandparents used to read, it would be a good idea to look at Fr. Lord's work. Not as intellectual as Abp. Sheen, he nonetheless outsold Sheen and many other more erudite Catholic writers during the 20's, 30's, and 40's.

He was also the author of the Hays Code, a set of guidelines used voluntarily by Hollywood studios in the 1930's and 40's to censor immoral or unwholesome material from their motion pictures. This auto-censorship was eventually ruled "unconstitutional" by the US Supreme Court, opening the floodgates to the ubiquitous waves of violence and pornography we're inundated with now.

Here's a list of pre-Vatican II pamphlets available at the Catholic University of America in case anyone is interested:

Unfortunately the material is not online, although the titles can be searched for in other places. I guess Elizabeth could go there. Maybe she could smuggle the stuff out and scan it into a PDF for the rest of us! (And then return it, of course. I wouldn't want to suggest anything illicit) looks like they have a bunch of interesting books there...parish histories, Irish history, works on Jansenism...

I love his works! Librivox (the audio website) has some of his books too.

They sure do! Thanks!

I loved the pamphlet, "I Can Read Anything!",


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