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My 4 year old rode over a dying bee today on his bicycle.  Over dinner my daughter was making fun of him for being a bee killer.  He has blond hair and blue eyes, so his older brothers and sisters mocked him as a "merciless little nazi" and "Hitler youth".  He's tough minded so he does not mind being mocked like this and we were all laughing.

Then I ask him how he killed it and he said.

"Cycle on bee".

True story.


This took a little longer to get but :lol:

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In the thirties  my mother had a once a week maid (Mrs White) who helped
her with the family washing.

I must have been about 4 when she commented on something I said:

"There's no flies on him."
I've always remembered it.

Well, there's certainly no flies on Cycle-on-bee boy.  :)

You liked Garabaldi biscuits though.

Definitely - squashed fly biscuits - yummy


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