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Aren't the Church teachings on vaccines using aborted baby parts being morally acceptable based on 2006 Church statement on this?

If we are traditionalists and we argue that the Church has been infiltrated since pre 1960's in order to strip and alter the true mass to its current sickening form and that as traditionalists we recognise that Church statements , not always but in the most part are not to be trusted as it usually contains some error.

Most traditionalists don't go to N O mass but will accept a 2006 pronouncement from the same Church leaders they know to be modernists that says its ok to use vaccines that used aborted baby parts for research and development and put profit back into same company each time you take it !!

Either you dismiss Vatican II or you don't??  Give me Church teachings on this subject pre Vatican II and I'll consider it.

Dignitas Personae applied to constraining viruses which could have potentially caused widespread harm, unlike COV1D which harms no one except a very few. The statement could be taken into consideration, for the Curia does still does have very learned men, well trained in the ancients, the mediaevals, and moderns, but it is, for me anyway, beside the point. The purpose of COV1D is to ensure the Great Reset can happen. This abuse of St Thomas Aquinas to support a dubious vaccine is for me a notable sin. Learned liars sin most of all.

Just from a quick look, the Church not hostile to inoculation, a predecessor to vaccination. Pius VII, who suffered so much from the mistreatment inflicted on him by the masonic emperor Napoleon supported it, although a Black Legend exists that Leo XII ruled against it. 800 babies were inoculated against Smallpox in Rome in 1805. Innoculation could present a definite risk but balanced against Smallpox, there was no choice.


@James, not in this instance. Dad broke God's commandment against trespassing and destruction of property. Son dutifully turned his dad in as his civic duty. Dad knew full well there was a risk he might be filmed on security cameras or on somebody's phone. He took it anyway, and he got caught. If the family killed the son in retaliation, they could go to jail, and this grave mortal sin would pass down through the family tree to other members. There are spiritual consequences for that.

A kid turning dad in over not masking is a traitor to the family, yes. Family shunning of him and removal of monetary support of him are sufficient punishments.

I think this could be considered resistance to tyranny. The boy deserves scorn, to have backs turned to him, but not more, despite what I said. Yet if someone can, they should do make sure tyrants are paid the wages of their crimes (in Minecraft or Roblox).
The Coffee Pot / Re: Wallstreetbets
« Last post by Jacob on Today at 02:12:01 PM »
Melvin Capital requires 2.75 billion USD cash infusion after rally...

I guess that's the one I'll do. Thanks!

Melvin is the hedge fund that is getting hit hard due its short positions.

EDIT: Prayerful is right.  I shouldn't have  posted that.

The Sacred Sciences / Re: Abortion Question
« Last post by Philip G. on Today at 02:07:37 PM »
Quote from: PhillipG
I think another factor that may be a stumbling block for many me is the technological aspect.  Technology is not neutral.

Whoever spotted the habit of the leftist to Project was a genius.  It's like 100% accurate.

The above quote now makes sense.  Leftists are obsessed with the utopia.

You are having difficulty processing things.  If the technological aspect was my stumbling block, then according to my argument, I would have to have no legal objection to abortion on demand, and the pill, and the like.  If you are insinuating that, I will be glad to report your post to the moderator.  You can quit it with the leftist smear as well.  Who did you vote for these last two elections?   That's right.

The Sacred Sciences / Re: Abortion Question
« Last post by Philip G. on Today at 01:55:30 PM »
The alpha male gets to kill, but the omega female doesn't?  Good luck convincing woman of that one.

You sound like a whining feminist. The reason society, not the "alpha male" gets to choose to inflict the death penalty is to protect society from violent criminals. Protecting one's citizens is a fundamental objective for any state. A women is not protecting anyone, much less society at large by aborting her child. It is not the same thing at all.

I didn't say you need to convince me of it.  I am a male, and a celibate one at that.  I am simply saying that the remedy cannot worse than the disease.  And, clearly, militant feminism is worse than women keeping secrets from society.  Just as capital punishment would be done in the town square for all the residents to see, what happens proportionally in the arena of woman, is not seen.  And, capital punishment is not an only option.  Exile is far superior in my opinion.

We act shocked by the number of women who have abortions.  Let's reflect on how often men fantasize about capital punishment.  That might give us some perspective.  Ask men, what should we do with hillary?  Burn the witch!  What should we do with Biden?  Hang him!  What should we do with all the bankers?  Firing squad!  What should we do with israel?  Drown em in the sea!  What should we do with the muslims?  Nuke em!  If we had our way, there would be as many killings as there are abortions.  But, we are to imagine that all women are angels?  Catholics may be, but Catholicism is a religion, not a race, that does not evangelize with the edge of a sword.  If anyone is has left the straight and narrow, into false utopianism, it is not me.

Why do you keep equating men who have an overdeveloped sense of justice toward wanton criminals and pagans, with women who want to kill completely innocent babies for their own benefit? This is not a useful comparison in any way.

I do for the same reason you(not necessarily you in particular) keep equating the law with belief.  Society is divided.  This is characteristic of empire.  And, your proposal doesn't depart from that.  The ideal is the ideal whether we like it or not.  We can either love it, or hate it.  We are all at its mercy.  And, there is only one direction from which to approach it in an loving manner.  Most have their backs turned.
The Coffee Pot / Re: Wallstreetbets
« Last post by Heinrich on Today at 01:49:27 PM »
Melvin Capital requires 2.75 billion USD cash infusion after rally...

I guess that's the one I'll do. Thanks!
Thanks, Prayerful.  Also thanks for the usual Hospitality and generosity of St. John's Pastor and flock. 

This was truly one of the most powerful evenings of prayer, ever.  So much Grace for so many reasons, huge and tiny.  I never expected that.  We couldn't stay for the Q&A, sadly.  What a great work against the powers of darkness who prey on babies the Holy Rosary and Requiem Mass were.  There is still Hope, and there are still pockets of genuinely holy souls around.
General Information / Re: List of ranks on SD
« Last post by clau clau on Today at 01:04:13 PM »
Your rank is Galactic Cook (see: 2:28)

Atari 5200: Star Raiders [Atari]
General Information / List of ranks on SD
« Last post by lauermar on Today at 12:52:10 PM »
If I understand it correctly, you get your rank (mine is Wachtmeister) based on the number of posts you make on SD. Is that correct? Is there a list of ranks posted somewhere, and how many posts it takes to get there?
The Coffee Pot / Re: Wallstreetbets
« Last post by Lynne on Today at 12:44:18 PM »
Melvin Capital requires 2.75 billion USD cash infusion after rally...
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